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About Datasea

Datasea is a technology company in China engaged in providing smart security solutions and developing education-related technologies. Datasea leverages its proprietary technologies, intellectual property, innovative products and market intelligence to provide comprehensive and optimized security solutions and education-related technologies to its clients. Datasea has been certified as one of the Zhongguancun High Tech Enterprises in recognition of its achievement in high technology products. Datasea's security and technology engineers and experts create, design, build and run various security systems and education technologies tailored to its clients' needs. Through its professional team and strong expertise in the industry, Datasea offers its clients a broad portfolio of security solutions, along with strategic advice and ongoing management of their security infrastructure, and digital education tools or programs.

Precise orientation: Based on the market and national policies, Datasea Info Ltd. is oriented by seizing opportunities to rapidly enter into the sustainable and long-term potential development emerging fields of the security market so as to establish an unique first-mover advantage:

According to [2017] No.35, “Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Safety Risk Prevention and Control System of Primary and Middle schools and Kindergartens”, issued by the State Council General Office, and [2015] No. 168, “Notice on Safety Precautions in Primary and Middle Schools and Kindergartens (trial)”, jointly issued by the General offices of the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Education, the development and market application of Datasea Smart Security Campus Project has been implemented; according to the Order No. 373 "Special Equipment Safety Monitoring Conditions", issued by the State Council and “the Guiding Opinions on the Construction of the Emergency Response Service Platform for the Elevator”, issued by the General office of AQSIQ, Datasea Developed related intelligent security system; according to the Ministry of Public Security Order 33, “Measures for the Protection of International Networking of Computer Information Networks”, Order 82, “Regulations on Technical Measures for Internet Security Protection, and Notice on Organization and Development of Wireless Internet Security Control System in Public Places”, the research and application of Datasea Network Security Audit products have been carried out.

Advanced technology, professional services. By using technologies of front-end data acquisition, back-end core algorithm and service platform data analysis, by taking intelligent product linkage precaution and Internet security audit as the core technology, Datasea intelligent security service system is providing professional services including product sales, customized development, pre-sales consultation, training, project implementation, after-sales operation and maintenance focusing on Smart Security Campus Linkage Precaution Solution, Smart Elevator Risk Precaution Management and Internet Security Audit.

Operate in good faith. Since the establishment, Datasea Info Ltd. has gotten the following certifications: The national high-tech enterprise and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, ISP internet service provider issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 3 invention patents, 20 software Copyrights, ISO9001 International quality management system certification, ISO27001 information security management international certification and China's security technology and prevention industry security engineering enterprise qualification; AAA credit enterprise certificate and national credit enterprise certificate. Verification of research and development issued by the Ministry of Public Security and Special Product Sales License of Computer and Information Systems Security; Excellence Award of the Top 100 List of Good Campus Programs of 2017 awarded by China Education Technology Association and the International Wisdom Education Exhibition Organizing Committee. In 2018, we got the R&D fund support twice from the Science and Technology Enterprises in Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park.

Great expectations. As a practitioner and important promoter in China's smart security field, under the guidance of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy formulated by the Chinese government, based on the domestic market while looking to the international market, Datasea Info Ltd. actively absorbs the advanced technology in the domestic and international markets, and develops the blue sea market, so as to contribute its business power to network security, children's safety and social harmony.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "Integrity, Credibility, Trust, Information", Datasea Info Ltd. is aiming to internalize the entrepreneurship and core values of high aspiration, diligent commitment, pragmatic innovation and efficient excellence as the code of conduct. We will promote innovation through partnership, gain users through customized service and measure value through mutual benefits. We will put more active efforts into the fields of Smart Security Campus, Smart Elevator Risk Precaution Management and Internet Security Audit to build an International intelligent security brand in this smart age.