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Shuhai Smart Security Linkage Precaution System can be used in education, public security, transportation, health, business, community, public, and other fields, which is providing comprehensive solutions for the security stability maintenance, emergency rescue, bullying, home school exchanges, guard, fire alarm, disaster evacuation, information sharing and other social needs, increasing urban public safety coefficient, improving the city emergency response ability, enhancing the comprehensive prevention and control of three-dimensional efficiency,?and further improve the people's sense of security and satisfaction with their lives.

At present we completed technology accumulation of using it in the following areas: campus security, hospital security, security guard, stability against terrorism, criminal investigation, social comprehensive management and public utilities sector linkage resource sharing, emergency command and rapid response deployment, business shop linkage early warning, the community and recreational area intelligent security early warning; and have already realized the application of related technologies and systems in the campus.

With the continuous development of education in China, the scale of the school is constantly expanding, and the campus covers a large area and is densely populated. However, factors such as the limited number of security personnel and the weak prevention awareness of students have seriously restricted the improvement of campus security. Thus, the government issued certain documents, such as "Standard of the Kindergarten Safety Work of Primary and Secondary Schools (try out)"by the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Education in 2015, the No. 22 File on the Campus Bullying Special Notice by the State Council Education Supervising Committee Office of State Religion Division in 2016, the No. 10 Comprehensive Treatment Project to Strengthen Primary and Middle School Students Bullying by the Ministry of Education and other ten departments in 2017, in the same year, the No. 35 on the Advice to Strengthen the Construction of Kindergarten Security Risk Prevention and Control System of Primary and Secondary Schools Nation by the General Office of the State Council, which take the prevention and control of campus security risks on the national agenda. Our Smart Campus Security System has powerful functions, which can effectively improve the level of campus security risk prevention, control and governance, and has a broad market prospect.

Scenarios Application

Application Scenarios

Smart Campus Security System, at present, is mainly used in schools such as primary school, middle school and high school. It can prevent from safety accidents such as disaster, school bullying, fire, theft, emergency evacuation and so on, and also realize the synchronous sending of alarm information to education management department to assist them to track the processing result effectively. Through the joint application of teachers, parents and students, students' safety protection and protection along the way can be realized, and the teachers and parents can communicate and share information with each other. Our smart student ID card, student smart watch etc., these wearable devices have the functions of SOS emergency call, kinship call, positioning and tracking, electronic fence, one-card consumption, etc., which can build a benign platform in the student consumer business circle and realize healthy and diversified economic benefits while keeping their security.

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