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Build the Solid Fortress for Community Epidemic Control: Shu

With the intensification of epidemic control efforts throughout Beijing, public communities are gaining importance in our battle against the pandemic. Based on temperature measuring equipment, big data and core algorithms, Shuhai Information is giving full play to our technical edge to build an innovative full-cycle community governance and management system featuring seamless connection between high-precision smart control and elaborate service - Shuhai Information’s Community Epidemic Control Early-Warning System, with the aim of building a solid fortress for epidemic prevention and control across numerous communities.

In line with the spirit of strengthening epidemic control infrastructure, defending the "first line" for epidemic prevention, and getting through the "last 100 meters" for serving the masses, leaders of Huixingyuan community (Chaoyang District, Beijing) joined hands with Shuhai Information to vigorously promote the building of community epidemic control system. On June 18, a consultation meeting was held, during which owner's representatives gave high affirmation and praise towards Shuhai Information’s epidemic control system and unanimously agreed to install the epidemic control early-warning system.

Shuhai Information’s epidemic control early-warning system effectively improves management and control accuracy  through "Three Full" approaches, i.e. full collection of basic data, full comparison of personnel information and full management of three-color codes. Thanks to the system,  information of people going inside and outside the community can be comprehensively collected, while the basic data concerning people and households can be accurately controlled, so as to ensure that no household or no person is left in our epidemic prevention and control efforts.Moreover, depending on the functions of our system, such as high-precision non-contact temperature measurement, access control, face recognition, big data analysis, early warning, etc.,altogether with joint efforts from owners, property and the management committee, the community has get prepared for security management and COVID-19 control, including tightening up temperature control of people going in and out, effectively controlling external entrants, and tracking the movement of community residents, thus playing an important role in the targeted implementation of normalized epidemic control across the community.

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